Welcome to Summer 2019

Welcome to Summer 2019

cropped-pool-header.jpgWe are excited to announce changes for the summer 2019 fee structure!  There will now be the option of signing up early for the pool, beginning in January of 2019, with deeply discounted rates. Rates will increase as we get closer to the summer months, so we hope many of our past and present pool members take advantage of the early bird discounts!

We are excited to announce membership payments can now be done via Paypal personal check!. For both payment options, we are also offering monthly payment to help your budget planning! Go to Pool Membership Options and Forms page to download and print your membership account registration and to sign up for Paypal billing or submit partial payments with our check payment coupon books. If you sign up for Paypal billing, our pool board will send you a bill after your membership form is submitted.

Our 2019 fee structure is as follows:

Memberships Single Double Family of 3 Family of 4+
Paid by 2/28/19 $190 $250 $300 $380
Paid by 4/30/19 $210 $275 $325 $390
After 5/1/19 $225 $300 $360 $450

After May through to the end of the summer, our pricing is:

Family Membership $450.00 (up to 6 individuals in a Household)
Family of Three Membership $360.00 (three individuals in a Household)
Double Membership $300.00 (Two Individuals in a Household)
Single Membership $225.00 (One Individual in a Household)


We are happy to allow members to invite as many guests as they would like; however a guest pass must be purchased for all guests. The Pool Member must be present with their guests and Pool Members are responsible for the behavior of their guests or any damages causes by their guests.

Guest Passes $7 per day per visitor when bought the day of the visit

Guest Books  

  • Bought by Opening Weekend (Memorial Day Weekend) are $50 for a book of 10 passes
  • Bought after Opening Weekend they are $60 for 10 passes

Download the membership form to mail in today!

Our pool opens Memorial Day Weekend for members and their guests only; however, the Saturday and Sunday before Memorial Day Weekend is our “Soft Opening” where all friends, family and neighbors can come try out the pool FOR FREE! Let everyone you know about our free “check out Heather Hills” weekend! We will have membership registration and discounted guest pass books available for anyone who wants to join during soft weekend, too!

Other Improvements Coming

  • redesign of the men’s and women’s bathroom stalls
  • repair of pool edging
  • corn hole games at the club house
  • new umbrella holders for personal umbrellas to be more easily used
  • new lounge chair straps
  • revamped Snack Shack menu and management
  • Guest Pass books (10 passes for $50) available to current members to give to non-member guests at a savings of $20. Single-day passes bought the day of your guest’s visit are $7. Please note even with the Guest Pass book, your guests must be accompanied by you.

Additionally, the Garner Dolphins Summer Swim Team is now open for registration, as well! Come join in the fun and have your kids work off all their summer energy while also learning the lifesaving skills of swimming different strokes and using different muscles. Though an individual sport, our summer team is very much a TEAM and the self-confidence and satisfaction your children acquire through our fun focused swimming environment will stay with them all their lives.

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