Vote for the 2020 Pool Board

Annual Meeting Notice

Dear Heather Hills and Garner Swim and Recreation Members,

The Heather Hills Board of Directors will be hosting its annual meeting on Sunday, November 14,
2019 at 4:00 pm in the Heather Hills Clubhouse. The Board encourages all members to take an active
role and become involved in HHC activities. The Board also wants to hear your experiences at the pool
and the clubhouse and what improvements can be made to make your time there better.
Thank you for your participation in the past and we hope that you will continue to play a vital role in the
future success of the Heather Hills Club. Items that will be covered at this meeting include:
 Financial Report
 Membership Report
 Update on status of the pool for next season
 Questions and concerns from the membership to the Board of Directors
 Election of New Board of Director members
As members of Heather Hills, we highly encourage your vote on the members of the Board and ask for
your presence at this annual meeting.
Please note that only members in good standing with Heather Hills Club and Garner Swim and
Recreation are eligible to vote at the Annual Meeting. To be a member in good standing you must be
current in ALL monies owed the club.
Below are the Nominees for five (5) Board positions. Please cast your vote on the Proxy / Ballot form
attached. We would also like to hear from you on what projects or improvements you would like to see
happen at the pool.

2019 – 2021 Heather Hills Club – Board and Nominee Biographies


Anne Bosier (Incumbent)
Christine Page (Incumbent)
Ryan Creech (Incumbent)
Randy Weatherspoon (Incumbent)
1 open position