Heather Hills COVID-19 Update

From our email sent out May 6, 2020:

Hello Pool Friends,

Things have certainly changed in our lives since this time last year. We hope all of you and your families and friends are healthy and safe and adapting to the new normal as best as you can.

Like many of you, we are hoping that we will all be able to use the pool this summer. Right now we’re all in a waiting mode pending what the governor does, as the pool falls under the Phase 2 part of the reopening plan for NC.

The board has already been in discussions about how we would handle it if the pool winds up opening late or the worst case shut down all summer. Obviously no decision has been made yet as again we are pending the outcome of the governor’s decision. However at this point we are planning on opening on schedule unless otherwise mandated.

Please continue to watch our Facebook page and your email for updates.

Swimmingly Yours,

Heather Hills Board