Pool Membership Options and Forms

The Heather Hills Pool is happy to offer different membership levels, early bird special discounts, and payments through check or Venmo. If you choose to pay through Venmo, please submit a completed membership form indicating your payment options, and we will send you a Venmo payment information to begin your account payment in full or monthly, depending on what you chose for your budget.

  • Single: only one person on account
  • Double: only two people on account
  • Family Of Three: Three people sharing same house address.
  • Family Membership: Four or more people (no cap) living at the same house address may be on account. Only those with names on account can access the pool.
  • NEW TEEN PASS: only one teen on account

Note: Those with names not on the above accounts will need to purchase a guest pass.

  • Babysitter Pass: $50 for EACH babysitter name to be added to your pool season account. They are then allowed to come with all minor children listed on your account. The Babysitter CAN NOT be at the pool at the same time as the parents unless the extra assistance to care for your child is necessary. For special care needs and exceptions please contact pool board membership for approval.
  • Daily Guest Pass: These are $10 per guest and can only be used if the guest is accompanied by a pool member that is 16+.
  • Guest Books: Guest Books can be bought by pool members at a discount before the beginning of the season. After the season begins the full price is charged. Guest Books contain 10 passes that can be used with a member that is 16+ present. Guest Books are valid for the present season only.
    Refunds are not given for lost or stolen Guest Books.
  • Guest Visit Limit: A single individual may only visit the pool as a guest a total of 5 times in a season, regardless of which member they come with or if they are using a Daily Pass or coming in on a members Guest Book. .

2021 Prices And Early Bird Dates

Download the membership form.

We are happy to offer different early bird pricing specials from January to May! Our pricing is as follows:

MembershipsSingleDoubleFamily of 3Family of 4+
Paid by 3/1/21$199$259$329$399
Paid by 4/30/21$209$279$349$429
Paid after 5/1/21$229$299$369$459
NEW TEEN PASS: $199 Not part of early bird discounts.


We are happy to allow members to invite as many guests as they would like; however a guest pass must be purchased for all guests. The Pool Member must be present with their guests and Pool Members are responsible for the behavior of their guests or any damages causes by their guests.

Guest Passes $10 per day per visitor when bought the day of the visit

Guest Books

  • Bought by Opening Weekend (Memorial Day Weekend) are $50 for a book of 10 passes
  • Bought after Opening Weekend they are $80 for 10 passes, or $10 each.