Your Pool Board

We are so pleased to have the following Heather Hills Pool members working hard to take care of our pool! If you ever have issues, you see anything around the pool that needs to be addressed, or would like to also get involved, get in touch with any of the following members:

Any questions or feedback can be sent to: and will be routed to the appropriate person.

Pool Board Officers

  • President: Ryan Creech
  • Vice-President: Chris Beacham
  • Treasurer: Mark Logan
  • Secretary: Christine Page

Pool Board Committees

Pool Maintenance: Ryan Creech (Chair), Randy Weatherspoon, Matt Brown, Vinh Doan, Chris Beacham

Membership: Christine Page (Chair),  Chris Beacham

Events: Chris Beacham(Chair),  Christine Page,

Clubhouse: Vinh Doan (Chair),  Christine Page,  Chris Beacham

Website: Christine (Chair), Michelle Zeren

Swim Team Rep: Mark Logan

Want to get involved? Let a Pool Board member know today to see how you can help make our pool community the best it can be for everyone!